Beagle Bangles

Beagle Bangles

Beagle Bangles tasked me with the exciting challenge of designing their passion-project – the ‘Beagle Bangle’.

Designed with child-safety in mind, the bangle is worn by toddlers and children. A built in Bluetooth-enabled microchip connects to the mobile devices of the child’s parents or guardian, allowing the user to keep track of the child.

The chip provides information on the direction in which they have wandered, and the distance. With a community based app, alerts can be sent out to warn users of a missing child, going a long way to ensuring their swift recovery.

My task was to design the bangle to accommodate the desired microchip and its battery. I designed the bangle to be waterproof, impact resistant, and both easily and safely secured on a child’s wrist. Along with durability, ergonomics and comfort were top priorities.

I designed the first prototype for my client, including the initial 3D mock-ups in two variants: the standard ‘Beagle’ version and another designed for one of their potential clients, the Ferrari Land theme park in Barcelona.